Sindhu + Rakesh
Probably the first serious shoot of my life after engineering lessons, I have never thought I could capture all this on a serious note. I just hired the best lens for the shoot and camera for this shoot I was fully equipped for this shoot, nothing was on my mind I had no idea about the rituals and the crowd nothing like point blank but I knew I can and my framing abilities. The first day 6 hours after I reached the venue I just pulled out 2 16 GB cards in just 6 hours I just shot whatever I could but by evening I realized what am I actually doing? I ran through the images from the past hours and found only 7 images trust me 7 images which were worth uploading or printing. I sat down for a while calmed my senses pulled out the Camera and started to play like a pro this time. In this shoot, I realized that shadows and lights and so much of a thing in Photography. I created some mind-boggling images in this shoot and it is still one of my favorite shoots ever.   Camera used: Canon 6d with Canon 70-200 […]
01 Jan 2018 in Weddings, by