How to shoot when you have a basic gear?

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09 Jan 2018 in Weddings

Author : prashdam

Someone back then told me Camera doesn’t matter until and unless you are going for bigger prints, back then I was like seriously huh?

Recently in a wedding, I was assisting one of my friend and a traditional photographer for a shoot and it was too hard to resist to not shoot in a wedding, so I decided to shoot a few candid shots for the Bride and Groom but here was the catch he was having a Nikon D 90 with a 24-120 f/4 lens and if you know the tech you will be like seriously Candid pictures with D90 and a Basic KIT lens?

I knew what I exactly had to do, play with lights and shadows and never pull the iso more than 400 as it was a crop sensor Camera.The video guy had got two bright lights and I got the knack, kept my mind on hold started to frame things playing with the highlights and shadows and you see them in the pictures.

Moral of the story: Yes Camera matters but what more matters is how you play with the shadows, highlights, and framing.

Pictures Post processed on Adobe Lightroom CC.

Camera Used : Nikon D 90/Nikkor 24-120 mm f/4.

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