How to shoot newborn babies?

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22 Jan 2018 in Portraits

Author : prashdam

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So this happened, Smitha (client) the other day called me,”Hi this is Smitha Madhavi’s Cousin I saw your pictures from her wedding and they are great, are you free for a shoot this Sunday?” I saw my calendar and was free so I was like yes I am free, then I asked what is the shoot about? She said baby naming ceremony and a smile run through my face, you know I am good with babies. I love to shoot them.They are like another face of god and it’s a great time spent with them.

So, I said yes and after a few talks the shoot got finalized but the glitch was we were sitting on Friday and the shoot was on Sunday and I had no time to meet the baby before to get to know him and get comfy. So with basic knowledge, I was quite confident and was like let’s do this.

I assumed the baby to be at least 6-8 months old which is usually the group of age I have shot, we decided to have a small session at there home before we move to the temple.

Sunday, I hop into the metro reach Smitha’s home and the whole family was there and I had that usual chat with them but the surprise was waiting for me there comes the baby, first I was like ok I am screwed! The baby is just 2 months old like a total infant.I had this total different picture in my mind and it turned out to be something else and I had to flush all the frames I had in my mind and start again from the scratch.I met Tanay and he was that little flower which has just blossomed. Soft skin, small eyes, tiny hands, and legs.

I held him for a few mins to get comfortable with him.

I knew I have to be patient with him.Basically, infants get cranky often and you screw up, so the first advice is to be patient. Second, do not position them in which you are comfortable with rather make yourself comfortable with how they are fine. Basically, go with the flow and make a story around them. Third, try to be always active in your viewfinder, infants usually do small gesture for a microsecond, they smile, giggle but again it happens for a microsecond and you don’t want to miss it.

Frame with the correct amount of highlights and shadows and you will have your cake perfect.

These are the few images I liked from the session, do let me know your views on them.

Camera used : Canon 6d, Lens : Canon 50 mm f /1.4 ; Canon 85 mm f/1.8.

Post processed in: Adobe Lightroom CC and Adobe Photoshop.

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