How we do?
Candid Visual Arts is more than a lot of people think that it is just pressing the shutter release button at the right moment. For us it’s all about locking the eye up into the view finder. We believe we have to see things before we can capture them. No matter what camera we are using, our priority is first to anticipate what is happening next and second is to virtually compose the photo. Expressing the moment to its merit comes above cameras, lenses, equipment, file formats, technology and camera settings to us. In our eyes workflow begins much earlier than the actual shoot and never really ends. When a photo is being created and shared, its lifecycle just begins and the workflow starts again. A two phase approach we see in our workflow. The first part is the preparation, an idea, a plan to express the subject and the moment. It’s actually everything that has nothing to do with your camera. This means all your thoughts, your reading; you’re looking for new opportunities and ideas. The second phase is everything with your camera and the processing afterwards until a photo is finished. The camera does its job coupled with […]
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