How to shoot newborn babies?
So this happened, Smitha (client) the other day called me,”Hi this is Smitha Madhavi’s Cousin I saw your pictures from her wedding and they are great, are you free for a shoot this Sunday?” I saw my calendar and was free so I was like yes I am free, then I asked what is the shoot about? She said baby naming ceremony and a smile run through my face, you know I am good with babies. I love to shoot them.They are like another face of god and it’s a great time spent with them. So, I said yes and after a few talks the shoot got finalized but the glitch was we were sitting on Friday and the shoot was on Sunday and I had no time to meet the baby before to get to know him and get comfy. So with basic knowledge, I was quite confident and was like let’s do this. I assumed the baby to be at least 6-8 months old which is usually the group of age I have shot, we decided to have a small session at there home before we move to the temple. Sunday, I hop into the metro reach Smitha’s […]
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