About us

Debasish Badhai (Founder/Photographer)

From childhood, I knew I had admiration for visuals.I was mesmerized by the various expressions which would ooze

11078077_843601259016625_551523469176486134_nout from individuals as a result of what they would be going through. This meant that I could never sink into the corporate life, because I could see more into the pseudo reality. Emotions fascinated me but orthodox definitions of community did not.

My photography is an attempt to freeze personality and embedded emotion of subject. Each frame is thought out to present as a droplet from a sea shell unpacked to cherish for a lifetime.We at Thoughts and Frames put in that hard yards to achieve that extract that frame that would take time to sink in to a client; and hence as a result I don’t believe in setting limits on photographs or limit on the duration. It’s all about giving a worthy moment.

So if you are willing to go that extra mile to find that frame which would emulate the emotions woven with that moment, then do call us because that is what we thrive to achieve at Thoughts and Frames.








Sunil Patil (Co-Founder/Photographer)

To me photography is an art of finding something VERY INTERESTING in most ORDINARY places. Capturing a moment in the time space 13495200_1026517917_ncontinuum makes me feel like i am a part of something big, something really beautiful.


Comic books and movies based on them are my weaknesses. Currently residing in Bangalore and Worked as a Associate software engineer at Danske IT Bangalore.
I love my family, Photography and human values.












Ashwani Vatsa (Co-Founder)

It happened, what i can say, I am very much new to the photography world.  Before this I was always in front of the camera, but not this time; I won’t be shooting though, but will be involved in the back end ashwani processing magic; operations, maintenance, editing etc.

I always wonder how much efforts went into making Amazing Photos and Videos. I guess this is the starting of a journey where i will explore things which I never witnessed and also a little bit disappointed;
as all the magic, tricks, tools, handwork are now in front of me.

I am currently in Bangalore and obviously, has worked as an Software engineer.

I worked, learned and achieved in past from my hard-work. Now, its time to see the CREATIVE-work with DEB & SUNIL at Thoughts and Frames.